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Discover our exclusive collection of accessories, jewelry and watches perfect for those who love to explore.

From world map watches to airplane and compass rose jewelry, each of our products tells a travel story and is an invitation to travel in style.


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Discover our most beloved products: jewelry and accessories that have captured the hearts of travelers!
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Our Sets

Our sets are designed for travelers looking for a coordinated and timeless look.

Discover the perfect combinations of jewelry and accessories for each of your destinations.

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We respect the environment

We want to be good to the environment!
As travelers, we first want to be good to the environment and have transferred this philosophy to our product shipments as well.
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How do we engage in it?

  • Eco-sustainable designer packaging with low environmental impact.
  • Low-volume packages to impact transportation as little as possible.
  • Boxes only made from peperboard from certified FCS forests.
  • If your purchase exceeds €200 we will give you a free Cocoa tree!